Representing Austria.
Mission and duties.

ÖBAG exemplifies active investment management in the best interests of all Austrians. It takes targeted steps to promote growth and innovation and consolidate Austria’s position as a place to do business.
ÖBAG has a portfolio of eleven companies that play a vital role in making Austria a great place to do business. These include listed companies such as OMV AG, Telekom Austria AG and Österreichische Post AG. Verbund AG, which is also listed, is managed by ÖBAG on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The duties in detail

Strengthening Austria’s position as a place to do business

By bringing leading Austrian businesses together, ÖBAG makes the country a more effective place to do business, with the benefits of increasing expertise and creating high-quality jobs. 

Active portfolio management

ÖBAG provides a constructive partner for its companies in the fields of strategy and further investment and manages its portfolio with the utmost professionalism.

Professional management

Annual dividends are made more secure by the business’s engagement in developing sustainable strategies for the future. Our aim is for stable, long-term growth in the value of the portfolio.

Prudent asset management

We secure the future of our industrial base by investing dividends and co-operating with forward-looking investors.

Platform for the economy and industry

ÖBAG makes Austria a more attractive country to do business. It serves as a professional partner to support not only its own business investments but the Austrian economy as a whole.

Bolstering good governance

Our role is to comply with all legal regulations and to increase trust in the Austrian capital market and in Austria as a place to do business through transparent governance.

Strong core values provide a framework for our activities and form the basis for increasing the value of the ÖBAG portfolio.


  • Decision-making based on longstanding expertise
  • Revitalising key national companies
  • Securing our position as a place to do business


  • Wide range of business competence in all relevant fields
  • Independent Investment Committee made up of international industrial experts
  • National and international networks


  • Sustainable investment strategy
  • Ensuring the reliability of domestic infrastructure
  • Creating and securing jobs


  • Stable asset growth for all Austrians
  • Implementation of the Federal Government’s industrial strategy
  • Consistent positive investment performance


  • Direct represented on boards
  • Actively involved in investment strategies
  • Flexibility through efficient processes


  • Responsible asset management
  • Quantifiable targets
  • Actions viewed from a long-term perspective


  • Politically independent
  • Progressive capital market strategy
  • Highest standards of governance


  • Transparent and clear public communications
  • Own actions are measurable
  • Annual impact studies to analyse consequences and effects

The amendment of the ›ÖIAG-Gesetz 2000 idgF‹

The amendment of the ›ÖIAG-Gesetz 2000 idgF‹ forms the basis for the active portfolio management. Now, ÖBAG can effect the responsible and sustainable direction and supervision of the holdings of the federal government in a targeted manner.

History of the Austrian State Holding

ÖIG – First phase of privatization
ÖIAG – Second phase of privatization
ÖBIB – Investment management
ÖBAG – Portfolio management
Österreichische Beteiligungs AG